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Raging Poodle Autonomous is a sister organization of the Zen Bunny Collective. While the Collective is made up of mainly artists working in various media, the RPA consists of day laborers who have an obsession with coiffure. They are tasked with seeing that any presentation of the Collective to the public in any media – be it live performance, film, still photography, Ham Radio, or puppetry – always shows the creators and performers of the collective with perfect and appropriate hairstyles.


The plumbers, roofers, and fishmongers of the “Brotherhood of the Rage” as they are known, are elected as members-at-large after a screening process that includes a test requiring them to do perm and weave using only comb and scissors, and a bouffant that stands at least eight inches tall without using hairspray. Upon successful completion of the test, they are allowed to take the solemn vow, “Capilleus Mater Est Arti” (Hair is the Mother to the Art) and given a recognition mantra that can only be shared with other members of the RPA.

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