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Forged in the volatile underground of Paris during the student revolts of the 1960's, the Zen Bunny Collective is a worldwide amalgam of visual, literary, musical and trapeze artists whose principles are derived from the ancient Sumerian writings of Enmerkar, king of Uruk who lived at the end of the 4th Millenium B.C.


His watchwords (Latin Translation from Cunieform) were "Mori pro arte occidere pro arte"...Die for Art - Kill for Art..., and upon induction to the Collective, all members swear a solemn oath to abide by them.


Once every year, members of the collective gather to create a landmark work which is then placed in the collective's hidden subterranean gallery to be unveiled to the public at the centenary anniversary of the work's creation.
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The membership (and the world) anxiously await December 26, 2062 and the unveiling of the first collective project "Die Linzer mit Sprossen", a multi-media effort consisting of 14 tungsten and ceramic scultures of Rhenish Warmblood rabbits in various states of repose, a mosh pit, two bulldozers, a tedious lecture on Balsamic Vinegar, and a Piccolo. Speculation has been rampant at every level of the Art World as to how the project might look, sound, or even smell.


Subsequent works will be unveiled to the public every year after that on Boxing Day.


Entry into the collective is limited to artists who have been approved by the membership-at-large once their historical works have cleared political review by the board; plus approval of their nonpolitical (ars propter artem) works, and the combat challenge (either armed or bare hands). Actors are absolutely forbidden membership.


Funky America 9/38 was written and recorded as part of this year's (2023) project – “Chaos Before the Void” - A Dirge of Hope in Twelve Parts - It was decided to release this part of the work as a message to the American people to treasure what they have and to aim higher in the future.


This year's work was created using only sustainable, recycled materials and features Aboriginal Kamikaze performance artists who have made the commitment to depart the planet rather than participate in 21st Century industrial mayhem and out of control capitalistic greed. In the Spring of 2024, a Memorial Cricket Test is planned to be held to benefit both the musician's families and the Hawaiian Monk Seal.


The Zen Bunny Collective looks forward to unveiling this year's full art project on December 26, 2123

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