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The Real Band

Performance credits

Solomon Hamburg – Gibson and Fender guitars

Richard Berger – Composer/Arranger, Poet in residence

Duc du le Hennesy – Wine Consultant

Stanley Dorfman – Lifetime Achievement Award

Jimmi Mayweather – Audio God

Sherri North – Gone Girl - but not forgotten

Laurie Post – Visual Tibetan Mystic, Resident Hysteric

Dave, that Guy From Tucson – Video Deity

That other Guy from Brainard, Massachusetts - Bongo Fury

Just some guys from Scandinavia that like to dress the same
Possibly one or two of them plays the accordion....

The Rest of the Team....

Visual Delegates (Terrestrial)
Cristo Cola – Albania (Level 2)
Numan Saif – Pakistan (Level 2) Urdu Specialist

Pole of Negative Energy – Michael Macheret
Al (late of Hackensack) – The Creature From 20,000 Fathoms
Marketing and Stress Department - Tova Laiter

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