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Some of our reviews - As of 2/29/24


Bad Wolf Record Review - 2/12/2024

Introducing the "Zen Bunny Collective," a multifaceted artistic collective with an authentic and innovative approach that unfolds its creativity across various artistic domains such as visual arts, poetry, and music. Presently, two of their talented members return to showcase their latest offering, "Funky America 9/38". Released on February 10th, 2024, this track stands out as one of their most ambitious projects to date, forming a part of their larger work titled "Chaos Before the Void" – A Dirge Of Hope in Twelve Parts.

Crafted by the visionary musician and poet, Richard Berger, and brought to life with the soulful guitar work of Solomon Hamburg, "Funky America 9/38" transcends the realm of mere music; it emerges as a poignant social critique enveloped in layers of Americana and classic rock melodies. Exploring themes of media manipulation, societal control, and the relentless pursuit of artificial ideals, this track pulls no punches, offering a stark reflection of the modern concrete jungle.

With Richard Berger's deep, commanding, and distinctive vocal delivery, which lends itself to incredible storytelling, alongside Solomon Hamburg's exquisite bluesy guitar licks, Zen Bunny Collective transports listeners on a journey through the shadows of contemporary America. However, it's not solely the musical composition that captivates; the exceptional production quality, featuring exquisite keyboard sections and masterful drum arrangements, adds depth and texture, elevating the song to a realm of sonic richness.

Their artistic vision extends beyond mere music; their endeavor includes a mesmerizing music video that amplifies the track's message, immersing viewers in a thought-provoking experience. "Funky America 9/38" emerges as a resounding proclamation, a call to action, and a testament to the enduring power of art in provoking contemplation and fostering transformation.

We extend an invitation for you to not only revel in this masterpiece but also to engage with the collective on their social media platforms, particularly their website, where you'll find insightful reflections on the evolution of society and politics with their particular and sincere perspective of the world.


Illustrate Magazine of the Arts - 2-14-24

“Funky America 9/38” by the Zenbunny collective is a compelling musical commentary on America’s conditions and highlights American life and aspirations for positive change during an election year. Composed and arranged by Richard Berger, with Solomon Hamburg on Gibson and Fender guitars, the song delves deep into the collective consciousness, urging for change and renewal.

From the onset, “Funky America 9/38” sets a mesmerizing tone with a distorted buzz beneath a mystical, hypnotic electric guitar allure. As the music transitions into a funky groove, we are drawn into the rhythmic pulse of the percussive backbeat, nodding our heads in sync with the infectious groove. The sultry and hypnotic delivery of the singer, accompanied by his thick and deep vocals, adds depth and sincerity to the message, compelling us to engage with his words.

Influenced by the likes of Creedence Clearwater and John Philip Sousa, the Zenbunny collective infuses their music with some funky Americana while also embracing rock and contemporary sounds and themes. The result is a blend of nostalgia and modernity, symbolizing the American experience in the 21st century.

Notably, this year’s work from the Zenbunny collective reflects a dedication to environmental and social responsibility, elevating it beyond mere entertainment to a platform for meaningful dialogue and reflection.

Now it’s time to look out for touring dates to drop because Zenbunny collective is coming to tour around the Great Lakes and Banff, Canada, from May to mid-2025. So keep listening to “Funky America 9/38” and never stop hoping


Q & A Interview from Punkhead Magazine 2-13-24

How did everything come together?

After watching the antics of our government for the last few years, I got angry enough to say something, and wrote the song. I've been in the music business most of my adult life and had the skillset and the equipment to do this without an investment of a huge amount of energy and money. Just a lot of time. Once I had the concept, the song kind of wrote itself...just based on what I was seeing in the news every day.

What did you enjoy most about making "Funky America 9/38?"

Putting my feet back in the water of music. I had a pretty good Latin-Jazz band going until the pandemic kind of killed it. After that, I just didn't have much drive for music anymore. This kind of woke me up again.

How do you feel this single represents your artistic identity?

Interesting question. I kind of feel that artistic identity can't be separated from personal identity. That being said, as a songwriter you're always trying to inhabit a skin that's different from your own so you can speak for issues and people who don't have either the skill or the drive to write their own songs. To some degree, this is what all composers do as a part of the development of an idea.

How do you translate your inspirations into musical ideas and compositions?

I don't think I can explain how it happens. I've studied music my entire adult life and I

still can't tell you where a melody comes from. Lyrics are a little different because you can work in phrases and pieces of phrases and develop it over time, but melodies kind of arrive out of the ether more or less whole.

Every composer has a unique style. How would you describe your musical "voice"

or signature style? What sets your compositions apart?

I'm a big fan of music that has gone before...classical music, jazz, Blues, old folk music, R & B...Rock from the "Golden Era"...all kinds of things. I've never tried to be "cutting edge" or "contemporary"...just tried to be good at what I do because good music is, I feel, timeless. Here in "Funky America 9/38" you can hear echos of Creedence, Dylan, with an overlay of psychedelic guitar ala Jimi Hendrix...but I didn't consciously do any of it...just put in what the song seemed to need.


Ariyel's Blog - 2/14/24

Zen Bunny Collective Strikes a Chord with "Funky America 9/38"

14 February 2024|Music and Entertainment news, Music News, Music Reviews, New Music

Emerging from the underground scene of Paris during the tumultuous student revolts of the 1960s, the Zen Bunny Collective is a global fusion of visual, literary, musical, and trapeze artists. Rooted in the ancient principles of Sumerian wisdom, the collective's latest release, "Funky America 9/38," is a testament to their avant-garde ethos and commitment to artistic expression.

"Funky America 9/38" is part of the Zen Bunny Collective's ambitious project for 2023 titled "Chaos Before the Void." This year's endeavor, created entirely from sustainable, recycled materials, serves as a lamentation for the modern world's descent into chaos, echoing the sentiments of Enmerkar, the ancient king of Uruk. The project features Aboriginal Kamikaze performance artists who have chosen to depart the planet rather than succumb to 21st-century industrial mayhem and capitalist greed.

Comprised of Richard Berger as Composer/Arranger/Poet and Solomon Hamburg on Gibson/Fender Guitars, the Zen Bunny Collective brings a unique blend of influences to their music. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Creedence Clearwater, John Philip Sousa, and The Holy Modal Rounders, the band crafts a sound that defies categorization and challenges conventional norms.

At its core, "Funky America 9/38" serves as a poignant commentary on the state of the nation, particularly in an election year. Through its infectious rhythms and thought-provoking lyrics, the song urges listeners to confront the societal issues plaguing the country and seek solutions for a brighter future.

Recorded at Mousetrap Studios in Los Angeles and remotely overseen by Richard Berger, Solomon Hamburg, and the spirit of Jimmi Mayweather, "Funky America 9/38" was not without its share of amusing anecdotes. During one session, a mishap involving chocolate chip cookies led to an unexpected disaster, adding a touch of humor to the otherwise intense recording process.

As the Zen Bunny Collective prepares to embark on a tour around the Great Lakes and Banff, Canada in May through June 2025, anticipation builds for their upcoming performances and releases. With their unorthodox approach to music-making and unwavering dedication to their craft, the collective continues to push boundaries and inspire audiences worldwide.

In the words of the band themselves, "This year's work was created using only sustainable, recycled materials and features Aboriginal Kamikaze performance artists who have made the commitment to depart the planet rather than participate in 21st Century industrial mayhem and out of control capitalistic greed." With "Funky America 9/38," the Zen Bunny Collective delivers a powerful message wrapped in a mesmerizing sonic experience, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.


26 February 2024

by Dave Franklin – The Big Takeover

Several things stand out as the bluesy grooves of “Funky America 9/38” reach out and lull and lure me in with their mellifluous tones. The first is that, given the bands chosen name, Zen Bunny Collective make music much more poised and poignant than such an outlandish moniker might suggest.

The second is that whilst people are more than happy to create music that seems to advocate one political point of view or another, “Funky America 9/38” seems to say, hang the lot of them. Not in a Capitol Hill Riots/Mike Pence sort of way, but certainly in a way that suggests that the people behind this song have had enough of being told what to do by the powers that be. Especially given how the powers that be act these days.

And if I were to pick a third, and lists always work best when they come in threes, it is that when you read through the bands back story, you realise that you will never really get to the truth of who they are. Their self-penned mythology takes in the May ’68 Paris riots, Sumerian texts (by way of Latin translations), 14 tungsten and ceramic sculptures of Rhenish Warmblood rabbits in various states of repose, a mosh pit, two bulldozers, a tedious lecture on Balsamic Vinegar, and a Piccolo. I have no idea what to make of all that but it does all sound as if it could have sprouted from the furtive and fecund imagination of Douglas Adams, and that is something I wholly approve of.

Better just stick to the music, I guess. And why not? The music is excellent. It is a slinky, seductive blues number that snakes and coils towards the listener, speaking truth, or at least dissatisfaction, to power, totally non-partisan, questioning everything, saying what many of us feel but doing it in the most relaxed ways.

“Funky America 9/38” is evidence that you don’t have to rant and rave about the things you don’t like; a smart and articulate song as a mark of disapproval is much more powerful a tool than the next ten incendiary and over-excited punk bands talking about smashing the system. There’s no point getting too worked about such things; it’s only the stuff of life and death, after all!


Zenbunny Collective Unveils ‘Funky America 9/38’: A Call To Action Amidst Turbulent Sociopolitical Terrain

Faithfulness 17 February 2024

Zenbunny Collective, a synthesis of artistic expression influenced by a wide range of mediums including visual arts literature and music founded on the philosophy of old Sumerian values and developed in the midst of Paris’s cultural revolution in the 1960s the group represents an international fusion of imaginative spirits members including the versatile composer arranger and poet Richard Berger and the skilled guitarist Solomon Hamburg whose command of Gibson and Fender guitars lends richness to their soundscape come together to create stories that cut beyond genre lines.

Zenbunny Collective renowned for their avant-garde musical style has pushed boundaries once more with their most recent release “Funky America 9/38” this track is a sonic commentary on the situation of America in an election year and is a part of their big 2023 project “Chaos Before the Void” – A Dirge of Hope in Twelve Parts the song was recorded at Los Angeles’ Mousetrap Studios and include (posthumous) appearances by Jimmi Mayweather...Richard Berger and Solomon Hamburg.

“Funky America9/38” which was released on February 10th,2024 begins with an entrancing fusion of percussion guitars and electronic components that creates an eerie and mysterious atmosphere this first arrangement establishes the framework for the voyage through the complexity of modern American culture that follows the vocals which start at 0:22 are delivered urgently as if pleading with listeners to pay attention to the message.

One of the song’s most remarkable features is how smoothly the creepy enigmatic mood gives way to a more catchy rhythmic pace this dynamic change reflects how the socio-political climate in America is ever-changing with periods of uncertainty giving way to times of resiliency and hope Zenbunny Collective’s storytelling quality and manly allure in the vocal delivery provide depth and emotional resonance to the story engrossing listeners in the universe that the group has created.

The song’s title “Funky America 9/38” is a brilliant wordplay that alludes to the turbulent situation of the country as well as the musical style that permeates it It’s a strong statement that captures the spirit of the song’s story which aims to highlight the difficulties confronting America in the modern era “Funky America 9/38” encourages listeners to interact with the content more deeply by providing a direct commentary on social political and cultural topics through its lyrics and arrangement.

In contrast to many songs that could have sudden changes in pace “Funky America 9/38” keeps a steady flow enabling listeners to completely absorb its message With its catchy groove the instrumentation sets a strong framework for the vocal story to develop Every component of the song comes together to form a seamless and powerful listening experience that leaves an indelible impact on listeners The instrumentation provides a dynamic backdrop for the vocal delivery throughout the song.

The song’s ability to keep its tempo and sense of coherence throughout is another noteworthy aspect The song delivers its main point with conviction and clarity never losing sight of it even with its intricate topics and multi-layered orchestration.

“Funky America 9/38” is essentially a song that speaks to the ability of music to convey social commentary and cultural criticism Through their artistic expression of current and pertinent concerns the Zenbunny Collective encourages listeners to engage in a conversation regarding the future of the United States and the global community Take advantage of the chance to listen to and experience the special fusion of message and music that the Zenbunny Collective has created with this release.


Zen Bunny Collective’s “Funky America 9/38”: A Musical Manifesto of Cultural Rebellion and Environmental Consciousness/ Music Reviews, New Music, News

From the ashes of Parisian student revolts of the 1960s rises the Zen Bunny Collective, a global fusion of artists whose ethos is rooted in ancient Sumerian wisdom. Their latest release, “Funky America 9/38,” is a bold declaration crafted as part of the 2023 project, “Chaos Before the Void” – A Dirge of Hope in Twelve Parts. With sustainability and cultural activism at its core, this single serves as a rallying cry for societal change and environmental preservation.

The Zen Bunny Collective is led by Richard Berger, the composer, arranger, and poet, alongside Solomon Hamburg, master of Gibson and Fender guitars. Influenced by the likes of Creedence Clearwater, John Philip Sousa, and The Holy Modal Rounders, their eclectic sound defies traditional boundaries and invites listeners on a transcendent journey.

While preparing for a tour around the Great Lakes and Banff, Canada in 2025, the Zen Bunny Collective has captivated audiences with their mesmerizing performances. From underground venues to experimental festivals, their avant-garde approach to music continues to intrigue and inspire.

Recorded at Mousetrap Studios in Los Angeles and remotely by Berger and Hamburg, “Funky America 9/38” is a testament to the band’s commitment to sustainability and artistic integrity. Despite facing challenges, including a disastrous attempt at baking chocolate chip cookies during a session, the collective persevered to deliver a powerful message through their music.

At its core, “Funky America 9/38” is a poignant reflection on the state of the nation during an election year. Through its infectious groove and thought-provoking lyrics, the song serves as a call to action for societal reform and environmental consciousness.

“This year’s work was created using only sustainable, recycled materials and features Aboriginal Kamikaze performance artists who have made the commitment to depart the planet rather than participate in 21st Century industrial mayhem and out of control capitalistic greed.” – Richard Berger, Zen Bunny Collective

With “Funky America 9/38,” the Zen Bunny Collective continues to push boundaries and challenge conventions, both musically and ideologically. Through their unique blend of activism and artistry, they inspire listeners to embrace cultural rebellion and environmental stewardship, one groove at a time. As they prepare to embark on their upcoming tour, the collective’s message of hope and resilience resonates louder than ever, urging us all to stand up and be the change we wish to see in the world.

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